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Welcome to Crisis Partners International, a Washington DC-based management consulting practice specializing in emergency management, crisis management, and business continuity services for private sector clients and homeland security services for Federal, state, and local governments. Our company prides itself on the valued skills and exceptional experience of our consultant staff.

One does not have to go farther than the morning headlines or the evening news to know that crises are hitting organizations more often, doing more damage, and striking faster than ever before. Public and private sector organizations are being called on to manage their business in the face of power outages, hurricanes, wildfires, school and workplace violence, accounting scandals, earthquakes, and acts of terrorism to name but a few.

Our consultants will partner with you to identify your organization's hazards and vulnerabilities, assess your current capabilities, develop a program that will sustain your business during hazardous times, and stand beside you in a real-time incident. Partnering with Crisis Partners International will help you control the course of your business' future. Take a look at our company overview today!

National Security Threat Level
The current threat level is "Elevated" - Yellow.